Nextbet Rules And Regulations 

Please familiarize yourself with Nextbet rules and regulations. They are crucial for all platform users to understand all its working conditions. Nextbet tries to make your betting as clear as possible, so read carefully all the rules and enjoy your playing. 

Sportsbook Rules And Regulations 

The first thing you should know is that all markets and events have different conditions. In our article, we would like to present the most common ones for you. 

  • The company publishes only truthful betting information but it is not responsible for the mistakes made in dates, results, odds, times, and other betting information. The platform can correct some errors and has to prevent them.
  • Bets are accepted under the conditions esta.
  • Clients place bets at their own risk. If they are looking for some information on Nextbet, they should be aware that sometimes the data can be inaccurate. The Company is not responsible for any losses client can suffer. 
  • In case of any inconsistency between the English and the Non-English names used for games, the English one prevails. 
  • If the event starts earlier than it was planned, only bets placed before its start will be valid. 
  • All bets will be void if the event does not start or end within the planned date. 
  • If the event starts and is later abandoned and does not finish, all bets will be void. 
  • If a match has to be on neutral ground but is played on non-neutral or vice versa all bets will still be considered valid. 
  • If the planned duration of a game changes, all bets will be void. 
  • All changes to incomes that were made 72 hours after the start of an event will be not recognized by the platform. 
  • In case of a conflict between the results from the Company’s site and the official results, the dispute should be resolved with the Company’s video recording. 
  • If markets are open with a wrong match status or score, the Company can void a bet. 
  • The Company can void a bet if the punters/teams are displayed incorrectly. 

Casino Rules And Regulations 

Read all the conditions carefully, make sure, that you understand all of them, and enjoy playing with Nextbet. 

  • You can play Casino games only if you are 18. 
  • Playing the Casino is possible only if it is legal in your country. 
  • You must not translate and copy any user documentation provided online. 
  • The use of the Casino is legal only for private goals. You cannot use it for any commercial goals or on behalf of another person. 
  • You are responsible for understanding the rules of the Casino games. 
  • You must learn your local law and be responsible for reporting your winnings and losses. 
  • You are responsible for all fees, taxes, and other additional costs incidental and arising from winnings resulting from the use of Nextbet Casino. 
  • Your personal data is used by us only in accordance with Our Privacy Policy. 
  • All punters have to keep their password and username confidential. 
  • You must understand that there is a chance of losing money by playing. 
  • Playing is restricted for compulsive players. 

Live Dealer Rules And Regulations 

Familiarize yourself with all rules of Live Dealer before registration. 

  • To use our services, you must be registered on the platform. 
  • To have an account on Nextbet you should not have a banned account on our platform.
  • Nextbet is responsible for the safety of your personal information. 
  • Before using Nextbet you need to make a verification process. 
  • During using Nextbet, your personal data can be collected through Cookies. 
  • If any funds were credited or debited from your profile in error, you are responsible for notifying us about the error. You must return all money credited to you in error. 
  • Your name and surname must be correct on the platform. 
  • Nextbet can from time to time ask you for adding some information about yourself. 
  • We can cancel your account if you do not follow our regulations. 
  • Sometimes, you will need to change your password for security goals. 
  • You can 24/7 contact our technical support by phone or email. 
  • If you want to complain, please contact our client support.