Nextbet App Download – Free Android and iOS Apk in India

Last update on: 19 Jan 2024

Is the Nextbet app licensed in India?

At the moment our company Nextbet is licensed in the Philippines, so safe, is a major office in Asia, in about 26 sports disciplines allows users to play and bet in 40 countries. A popular game is considered to be English soccer in different leagues. You will also be happy to get your first bonus, which you will realize thanks to your first deposit in Nextbet, which you can do soon with our application, and today we will talk about it.

Nextbet App: Main Characteristics

Nextbet mobile application will be available online

The mobile app will very soon be available on the Internet for anyone to use, especially those who are often very busy and can’t always be at home. It will be a pleasure to use and quickly get into the program. Many developers who have already evaluated it was satisfied. Championships in soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, and other sports are available within it any city. Now we will show the information about the application in the table in the form of characteristics:  

App version1.0
The weight of the APK fileIs originally 26 Mb (the weight may be different)
CostIs free
Operating systems:for Androidfor iOSAndroid, iOS4.4 and later8.0 and later 

Nextbet Mobile Bonuses and Promotions 

Nextbet has introduced two welcome bonuses for newcomers

All players love freebies and the opportunity to earn even more, so just for this purpose, our company decided to help players even more, including newbies, to make it even more pleasant to create the best bets. Our Nextbet office introduced two welcome bonuses for newbies: online casino and sports bonuses. When a player deposits money into his account for the first time, he gets a 100% bonus on sports up to 388 Malaysian Ringgit. It is also important to make wagering on the sports bonus, 12x wagering bonus + depositing with odds more than 1.50 is required. More information can be found in the Requirements for betting in your account. And you can also get a casino welcome bonus, which is a 150% bonus of up to 888 Malaysian Ringgit. 

In addition to the above bonuses, Nextbet does the following services for players:

  • Cybersports discounts;
  • FIBA free bet bonus; 
  • Daily sports discounts;
  • Bring a friend;
  • Daily casino discounts;
  • Salary Bonus (i.e., a bonus of 5.88% of their net losses for the past week);
  • Lucky Bet;
  • Special tournaments;
  • Risk-Free NBA. 

Nextbet App Promo Code 

Promo codes can often be found during Nextbet registration

Promo codes are great tools used by bookmakers to create even more newcomers. They can often be found on various sites that write about betting and gaming. It will not be difficult to create a promo code activation, you just need to enter it in a special box in your account or when registering. It is worth reminding you that promo codes are temporary, and effective within certain time frames. 

Promo codes can often be found at registration, such as bonuses for the first deposit, free bets, and more. Our company Nextbet is happy to be giving out promo codes soon so that people can win even more and raise their interest in betting. 

Functionality and Design of the Nextbet Apps 

What is the design of Nextbet apps

In today’s world, it is very convenient to use a cell phone, so almost everyone can install a mobile app for their phone for different systems. At the moment our company is developing it and very soon anyone will be able to use it. Let us remind you that our office Nextbet is legal, it takes care of security and gives an excellent choice in many disciplines.  

This application will differ little from the official site in terms of its functionality and possibilities. It will also have a more convenient menu and a quick and easy-to-navigate interface which will allow you to place a bet quickly. You will be able to install it on any smartphone, also available on a tablet, or devices such as laptops, or iPad. The interface will be very nice and has little difference from the website of the office. A person can easily bet on basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, badminton, and other types of disciplines. If you look carefully at the top, you will find a button for registration, next to it will be a function to log in to the account. Any player can still deposit money into their account there, withdraw their winnings and contact support.   

Nextbet Apk for Android  

Our Nextbet mobile app for Android

Our mobile application Nextbet for Android offers every user with this system without any problems to download, use and be happy with it after its development. It is not always possible to download applications from Play Market, so we have foreseen this moment and the apk file can be easily found on our website when it is available.

Nextbet App Download for Android

On our website, Nextbet apk download will be easy, but in the Play Market this service may not be available, so we are now in the active process of its development. It is worth noting that you will be able to download and install it on the site in minutes. You just need to follow all the further recommendations and everything will work out for sure:


Find Nextbet apk-file.

In the section for the mobile application on the main page of the office, select Android;

Download for Android

Run the file.

Open the downloaded file and perform the usual installation;

How to Download the Nextbet app for Android 1

Log in to the system.

Register a new account if you don’t already have one, or log in to an existing one.

Nextbet Android app

There are exceptions when the security settings on your smartphone may prevent installation. You just need to go into the security settings and allow different programs to be installed.  

Android system requirements

Our Nextbet app will be available to download very soon and will be provided for betting anytime, anywhere. Its difference will be low system requirements and good quality. Among the main requirements will be:

  • Android versions – 4.4 and above; 
  • Operative memory of 1 GB; 
  • Free space of 100 MB. 

Even if your phone does not meet some parameters, you can still install it on your device, but there may be issues with the quality of the application. But the requirements are very simple, so we are sure that it will be possible to install on almost any phone.

Supported Android devices  

On the Android system, it is not so important to have Play Market, because you will be able to download it from our website when the application will be developed. We currently have no restrictions on mobile devices, so you will be able to easily use it and be in the betting world very soon after it is developed. 

Download Nextbet App for iOS

Our Nextbet mobile app for ios

The same design and features as the site will have our mobile application Nextbet for iOS. After installation and registration, you will be able to use it easily on your iPhone. After its development, we will be glad to see it installed on your device. 

How to Download and Install on IOS

If you have the desire to use the iOS system, you will only need to perform a couple of functions:


Log in to the apps section of our website;

How to Download and Install on IOS

Click on the “Download for iOS” function;

Download and Install on IOS

Wait for the file to download and install it on your phone and you’re ready to use it.

Download for iOS Nextbet

System Requirements for IOS

Even on the oldest models, you can easily use it after we develop the application. Now let’s take a look at what the requirements are supposed to be:  

  • iOS version 8.0;
  • Operative memory of 1 GB;
  • Free space of 200 MB.

List of compatible devices 

Soon, you can install our application on your phone from our site, which is great news. We currently have no device compatibility issues, so anyone will be able to use it soon. 

How to update the Nextbet app to the newer version?  

Updating the Nextbet app

Let us remind you that we haven’t developed the mobile app yet, but soon we will and it will be constantly updated. Each player wants to use it without bugs and errors, so it will work correctly and you should update it regularly for this purpose. Updating allows fixing some bugs and installing new features. Updating can be done in two ways: 

  • Uninstall the application from your device and install it again;
  • You can set the automatic update function in the device settings. You will be notified when a new version is available. Accept the agreement and wait for the new file to be installed, then reload it. 

Nextbet App Registration and Login Instructions

Registration in the Nextbet application

Very soon we will develop our mobile application Nextbet. And now we will share why you need to register for it. If you plan to bet in a convenient place and at a convenient time, you need to create an account, and this is very fast to do. Registration entitles a person to nice features, such as betting, receiving welcome bonuses, and more. Your account is made very simple, follow these steps:  

  • Login to the Nextbet mobile app; 
  • Click “Register” and you are ready to use. 

Next, in the new lines, enter your personal information:

  1. Login;
  2. Password;
  3. E-mail address;
  4. Specify the country of residence;
  5. Phone number;
  6. First name; 
  7. Last name;
  8. Date of birth;
  9. Select your currency;
  10. Select the country in which you currently live;
  11. Click the registration button. 

Remember that you can only register if you are 18 years old. To protect you from fraud there can be only one account for each user.

How to Place Bets at the Nextbet App?  

Bets in the Nextbet app

Thanks to the convenient navigation you can find the sport or match you need. We made it possible for you to bet during the game and at this moment it is very cool to catch great odds, and you can also bet in advance, i.e. pre-match. In the line, you will find a large number of outcomes and nice odds. And many people will also like our live match broadcasts. To make a bet, follow these simple guidelines: 

  1. Refill the balance on your game number; 
  2. Select the mode for betting – live or line, and go to the appropriate section;
  3. Choose the most profitable for your discipline;
  4. Look at odds and outcomes;
  5. Choose what you like;
  6. It remains to deposit the bet amount and confirm it;
  7. Wait until the end of the game and win with us. 

Nextbet Casino App

Access our casino from your mobile device via the Nextbet app

We are currently working on making it possible for people to get to our casino from a mobile device via an app. The casino allows the customer to play 2,000 games, which is a lot and the selection will please everyone. 

Casino Games at Nextbet App

Which casino games you can use in our company now tell you: 

  • Table games;
  • Slot machines;
  • Bonus games;
  • Slots;
  • Roulette and others. 

By clicking on “Game History” you can find out the result and see how successful you were in your choice.

Nextbet App Sports Betting Markets

The company’s betting market is quite large, you can bet on 26 sports of varying degrees of popularity. And we are working hard to ensure that every user enjoys playing games from a mobile device, which will happen very soon. 

Type of bets

Type of bets Nextbet App

First of all, we give you the right to choose how you want to bet. We can offer you the following 2 types of sports betting:

  • A single is a bet on one event you like; 
  • Express is a bet which consists of two or more single bets. The player wins when all bets are played, but the most interesting thing is that the odds of the bets are multiplied and the player can win nice money.  

Betting Options at Nextbet App 

What are the betting options in the Nextbet application

A large coverage of betting leagues around the world can be seen in our office. Some games are familiar to almost everyone, and some are quite rare:  

  • Ice Hockey;
  • Football;
  • Cricket;
  • Cycling;
  • Basketball;
  • Tennis.  

Nextbet App Payments Methods

When the mobile app is released, you will be able to use local bank transfers

When the mobile app comes out, you will be able to use local bank transfers and online bank transfers according to the currency and location you choose. Right now, we have the following methods to fund your game account:

  • Easternpay88;
  • ZhuPay;
  • LionCash;
  • JadeTeller; 
  • Local Bank Transfer.

For more information on the smallest and largest amounts of investment and not only can contact our support team.   

How to deposit the application

To top up your balance, you need to do very little:


Open your account;

How to deposit pass 1

Go to “Deposit to account”;

How to deposit pass 2

Select the payment method you want from the list;

How to deposit pass 3

Specify the information that is required of you;

How to deposit pass 4

Enter the amount of transfer you wish to transfer;

How to deposit pass 5

After that confirm the transfer and now you can play without any questions. 

How to deposit pass 6

Withdrawal of money is carried out by bank transfer. 

Nextbet Mobile Website

Nextbet mobile site and its design

Our mobile site is a pleasant blue color and has a user-friendly interface. You can easily explore and navigate our site using your mobile device. You, as a full-fledged player, will be on our site using your device, making deposits, withdrawing money, and creating bets through the site. Whichever device you have, be it Android or iOS, it will be well-adapted and work perfectly on our site. And also all the necessary functions are available as in the regular version. 

How to Use the Web Version of Nextbet?

We have our website, which is adapted using HTML5. All the features of the web version are seamlessly available that you see on your screen, just go to the site and become a satisfied user. 

System Requirements for the Mobile Version of the Nextbet Website

To visit our site with your mobile device you do not need to buy a super expensive phone. For Android, version 4.4 and up is enough. For iOS, you can start with version 8.0. So almost everyone can enjoy the services of our office, make the right bets and win. 

Differences Between the Nextbet App and the Website? 

Nextbet App and the Website

We are actively working on developing our mobile app, but until we have it, everyone can use our website. Especially since it can be done both on Android and iOS. Nextbet services are accessible and easy to use from the browser of your mobile device. There are no particular differences between the main website and the mobile version. The layout of the website for mobile devices has a few differences, even though the features are similar.  

Features of the Nextbet App

What are the Features of the Nextbet program

For many years our office has been offering its customer’s gaming services. Our Nextbet apps are under development, but in the future, they will have low system requirements and high quality. Download them easily on our official website.  

There are enough betting companies with a mobile app in this area, but now we will tell you about ours and what features it will have after the release: 

  • Sections with useful information logically organized;
  • The ability to make regular updates;
  • Up-to-date statistics;
  • Popular types of bets and casino games;
  • Easy access process;
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals;
  • Ability to watch some matches online;
  • Minimum of technical errors. 

Nextbet Support

Nextbet has multilingual support

Not only have we started to grow in terms of the number of different disciplines, but we have also strengthened our services in recent years. Nextbet now has multilingual support for our large customer base. This includes access to customer support in Thai, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and English.

Players can also chat in our always-on chat room to get quick answers to their questions. In addition, we can be contacted via social networks (We Chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter), by e-mail, which will give a more detailed review of your questions, even with the provision of screenshots and by phone.  


When will Nextbet’s mobile application be developed?

Yes, we are developing it intensively, but there is no release date at the moment. But players can always get access to all Nextbet services through the site.

Does the office allow you to have more than one account?

We only allow one account, which is enough to make good money.

Is it possible to broadcast live games from mobile devices?

Yes, there is a possibility of a live broadcast for mobile users of Nextbet from our website. However, there are some minor limitations.

How do I know about the safety of Nextbet casino?

Our casino is licensed and regulated in the Philippines. And also has great software to protect your payments and your data.

Is the welcome deposit bonus available on what sports?

Yes, we have such a bonus and it is shown for all sports.

I am having problems with my deposit, what should I do?

This problem can be solved. If you have problems making a deposit, you can contact our support team and you can consider it solved. You can also send it to our email and attach a screenshot for a more detailed review of the problem.